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    2 Things stepparents should never Do.

    Being a stepparent is a really hard gig and for those of you who think its easy or it is a piece of cake think again. Being a stepmom has been one of the most challenging things that I have had to go through in my life. My husband has 2 little girls and I have 1 boy. The kids all get along very well and for the most part and it is smooth sailing. When it comes to discipline there are always boundaries that a stepparent has to know and tread carefully around. Sometimes I myself take a step back and say I need to stay as the good…

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    Managing children’s electronic addiction: How are electronics affecting your children’s lives?

    Children & Electronics Managing children’s electronic addiction: How are electronics affecting your children’s lives? For some children, the idea of spending time without an electronic device like a phone or a tablet is simply not an option. There are kids as young as three that throw temper tantrums when they can’t get access to their electronics or have consistent screen time. Electronic addiction is something that can creep up over time and it’s fairly easy for kids to develop the chance for this addiction. Through heavy exposure to electronics and a rapid pace of media today, every moment that a child spends with electronic creates a wonderful feeling for them.…

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    The pros and cons of a blended family and becoming a stepparent:

    If you are advancing in a relationship where a partner has kids or you both already have kids it could be a good idea to consider weighing some of the pros and cons of starting a blended family. Becoming a stepparent can be an extremely rewarding task for anyone that is willing to take it on. It does remain important to consider the relationships from every perspective before making a commitment, however. Here are some of the pros and cons of blended families and becoming a stepparent: The Pros: Economic support: Working together to raise your family or a few kids with some extra economic support can make everything easier.…