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Korres Beauty

I recently started using Korres creams about a month ago. I had bought a fragrance from my local pharmacy and they gave me a small gift bag full of samples. Korres Brightening 24- hour moisturizer was one of the samples in the bag. And from there my love began it was the best thing that ever happened to my skin.

Before I go any further with this article I just want to be clear that this is not a paid post nor is it sponsored by any means. This is me sharing with you my discovery of this amazing product that has done wonders for my complexion and skin and yes I can say that this is a product that is just as comparable to high-end brands.

I have always struggled with dry skin and when I did use moisturizers I always found that they were a temporary relief and not a prolonged solution. I have tried many and when I say many I’m talking like over 50 brands but nothing ever really penetrated my skin and gave me that feeling of absolute moisture. If they did it was for about 5 minutes after application and then I was back to square one of dull dry skin.

This specific moisturizer not only moisturized my skin but my skin looked radiant my face was glowing and clear it looked like I had just gulped down 3 liters of lemon water for a week straight.

The bonus is that it works great as a primer. Because my skin is dry my makeup always went on cakey no matter what primer and moisturizer I used. But the KorresĀ  brightening 24 hour moisturizer worked so well with my foundations and it went out nice and smooth all the while preventing it from separating and looking cakey, it also minimized and decreased creasing.

The Brand

Korres is a brand that is environmentally friendly. They believe in using natural ingredients and avoid ingredients such as mineral oil’s, Parabens and silicones. Their ingredients come from Greece’s own bountiful endemic Flora and environment. Korres only uses the highest quality of water in their products. They are environmentally friendly and cruelty-free.

Although I spoke about one product Korres carries many skin care products which I can not wait to explore and test. They are fairly priced and I would say in between the price of high end and low end products. The 24 hour moisturizer costed me $48 Cad + taxes. I wouldnt be surprised if this product boomed and we saw this line in big beauty retailers. check out there website for more backround information on the brand all the other products they carry.



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