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The Health Risk Of Eyelash Extensions

There is nothing better than always having your eyelashes on point at any time of the day. Its great to have your eyelashes always looking like your mascara is right on point. Eyelashes give your eye that sultry look that just perfects your whole overall makeup look. There are many brands out there that have many types of eyelashes. If you would like to see some of my favorite lashes read my article on 6 Top false Eyelash Brands 

There is another alternative to strip lashes there are Eyelash Extensions. Eyelash extensions are usually done by a professional. They are usually done in spas and salons it’s not as easy as sticking on the strip lash in front of your mirror at home. It actually takes time, It is a 45 min + application. eyelash Extensions can be done in Synthetic, silk or mink. Each lash is applied to one of your own lashes using a waterproof adhesive. The eyelash extensions usually last anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks depending on how well you take care of them.

The Risks

There are several risks that you put your eyes through when you get Eyelash extensions .Even though they are pretty and they do accentuate the eye there are a lot of people who develop allergies to them. I have seen some friends who ended up with blistery swollen eyes. The allergies don’t come from the lash itself but from the glue and the solutions they use to remove the glue.

Eyelash extensions can also cause infections in the eye itself specifically the cornea and the conjunctiva. The conjunctiva is the white surface around your eye. The white will turn red and make you look like you either have pink eye or your high as a kite.

As far as the Cornea is concerned what happens is that the lashes leave tiny fibers around the natural lash and they end up constantly touching the eye or embedding themselves around and in the eyelid which then causes corneal ulcers which can cause vision loss.

When you do have eyelashes extensions done you must also be very careful not to rub your eyes because when you do that you risk rubbing off the natural lash and the extension lash as well and that’s also why some people after having their extensions removed or fallen off will notice that their natural lashes are short and hardly exist anymore .

EyeLash Extensions for Occasions

I have had this personally done to me. I first got eyelash extensions back in 2010 when they were just at the peak of popularity I was going down south and wanted to always look like I had my eyes lined so that I don’t wear any makeup. After the 2 weeks They started falling out on their own and then I noticed how short my lashes have become which totally freaked me out and I had to put strip lashes on for a long time till they grew back to a normal length.

Earlier this year I had them lightly done and made to look super natural and when they did come off I found that I had no change to my natural lashes. So my guess is when you get them done in 3d or 4d it will cause lash loss. 3D and 4D just mean that they pile on 3 or 4 lash strips on each hair of your natural lashes.

I’m not saying I am against Eyelash extensions but I would recommend that people get them done for occasions instead off all year round because you do put your self at risk for developing allergies or even damaging your eyes.



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