How To Treat Aging Hands

Hands are one of the most important parts of your body that require moisture. Hands are the most used and exposed parts of our bodies. They are exposed to every kind of thing like water, sun and various objects and surfaces we touch on a daily basis of every day.There are ways to avoid having those wrinkly old, dry looking hands.Hands are one of the first parts on your body that will show aging and let’s face it was all trying to delay the aging process so here are some few tips that will help you have younger and healthier looking hands.


It’s very important that we keep our hands moisturized. Some of the best and effective times to apply moisturizer are after a shower or washing them. Remember that if you are applying a moisturizer that your hands have to be damp and not dry so that the product can penetrate it properly and not just sit on the surface. Look for moisturizers that contain shea butter, vitamin E, olive oil, and glycerine.When you are going out and know you will be exposed to sunlight make sure you use a moisturizer that contains SPF to avoid those ugly little brown spots that we start to see more and more as we age.

Paraffin Wax

I love these treatments. I usually get them done at least once a month as I am getting my nails done at the salon. These are great treatments and they feel incredible.

Paraffin treatments are done as follows they dip your hands into this delicious smelling hot liquid and make sure the liquid covers your whole hand. As they remove your hand the liquid dry’s like candle wax and tightens on your hands they then wrap your hand with plastic bags and keep them like that for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes they literally slide of the wax off your hands. Let me tell you this will take years off your hands instantly they feel soft and look fresh and even look brighter if possible. This shouldn’t be a very expansive treatment to do, I get mine done for $10 and its worth every penny. You can also buy your own paraffin wax bath for your home from companies such as therabath or just check out your local beauty supply.

Fillers for Hands

Yes, you heard right! If you absolutely can’t stand your aging hands this option might just work for you. Having fillers done will reduce the or get rid of the wrinkles and lines for at least a few months. It works by adding a padding underneath the skin and it brings back the volume. It is not a cheap option but if you got money to spare why not go for it. Do whatever makes you feel more confident and happy just don’t go broke.

Laser treatment

laser treatments are also becoming very popular for this issue.The laser tightens skin and gets rid of the lines and wrinkles. the Laser to find for this issue is called the PicoSure Laser that also will get rid of any brown spots.There is also laser resurfacing as well. These sessions are also not cheap and you will probably need more than one session.

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