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For the past couple of years the false eyelash industry has seen a huge surge. Due to increasing Fashion and beauty awareness and the ever-growing popularity of makeup tutorials and beauty bloggers I find that false eyelashes are being used more then ever before.

There are several types of false lashes that are made by various companies. Materials used in the making of Lashes are synthetic Hair, Human hair , Feather, Fur and other sorts of material . They are either hand made or made by machine .

False Eyelashes are a great way of bringing that extra extravagant look to your makeup. They do complement your eyes with rich volume and drama for that perfected eye makeup look .

Based on my personal use and information I have gathered from a few ladies I have come up with a list of the most used and liked lashes on the market . Keep in mind that this list I will give you is not for people who are looking for a natural look . Every pair of these Lashes is full on Volume and Maximum drama.




Huda Beauty lashes

These lashes are hand crafted and very elegantly made . She targets all consumers with various prices sizes and styles. She uses materials such as mink , faux mink , synthetic and more. Prices start at $16 USD to $39 USD

My favorite pair would have to be the NOELLE in the faux mink collection priced at $23 USD.false eyelashes








Lilly Lashes

Lily lashes are known for their 3d effect and are very popular among celebrities such as the Kardashians. Materials used are 3d Mink and faux mink, however she also offers a budget friendly synthetic line . Synthetic lashes are $9.99 USD. 3D mink lashes are from $29 – $39 USD. She also offers Value packs for $49 USD. Faux Mink Lashes strat at $24 USD to $29 USD.

My pick from her collection is the Miami in faux mink for $29 USD. This pair will give the ultimate extravagant dramatic look to complete your makeup.







Velour Lashes

Velour lashes are lso on the pricey side but are worth every penny . Lashes are hand made . They come in Mink or Silk and can be worn over 20 times if cared for properly . They are known to be light weigh and comfortable and are praised by YouTube personality and makeup Guru Jacklyn Hill .

Velour doesn only provide upper lashes but bottom ones as well . Mink lashes are $26 USD and Silk lashes are $26 USD. You can sometimes catch a sale and get pairs for as low as $16 USD.

My favourite 2 pairs and yes I said 2 because I just couldnt decide these are both My favourites . Sinful and Whisp it real good. These to pairs are everything ther are full of drama and are very comfortable to wear . They are both $29 USD and can be found in the Mink Glamour collection.





Ardell Lashes

Ardell has been around for many years and there lashes have been used by makeup artist’s  and beauty A lister’s. They have various lines and offer collections for the natural and dramatic looks . They are more budget friendly .

Ardell has recently come out with this Faux mink line that has become one of may favorites for them prices vary anywhere from 7$ cad to $15 cad.

these do look very nice on and there more on the high-end of there collections .






MAC Lashes

Mac lashes I find are more of the natural looking brand . The only pair I have used is the #48 just because it was the only pair that had high volume . There lashes are a nice quality and can also be worn a couple of times if cared for properly . They are also affordable and target every girls needs . All lashes are #17 USD.










QUO lashes

Quo lashes are a shoppers drug mart brand that are hand knotted and made to look nice and natural . They are budget friendly and I have also personally used them for years. I usually can get 3 wears out of them and they are comfortable and very lightweight. The most dramatic full pair they have is the #806 Glamour .

Prices are very reasonable . You can get a value pack for about $15 Cad or you can buy a single pair for $9

Quo is also know for there lash glue which has hit many favorite drug store beauty brands lists .





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