10 Signs That Your Boyfriend Will Marry You

The Future

When he discusses future plans he always includes you somehow in them. When He speaks about Future events He uses the word “we”. For example ” We should go to Cuba Together”. “We Should buy this house in a couple years”. This is an indication that he does see a future with you and is in the relationship for the long run.


He brings you around all his family members and invites you to family events. Once he starts doing this know that he is taking you seriously. Guys don’t usually bring girls they are not serious about around family and extended family.

Missing you

He calls you and always wants to make plans to see you. You will be the first person he messages in the morning and the last at night. This is an indication of how much he cares and loves you. I find when a man does not message all day or even somehow check in it just means that you are definitely not someone who he has on his mind and he just is not that crazy about you. I know the truth hurts but in reality men who care about there significant other or have deep feelings are always messaging them “Goodmorning babe ” first thing in the morning. If you’re not hearing from him for 1 or 2 days at a time please don’t get your hopes up that this relationship is going towards marriage.

The Boys

If your man is making you a priority and will put off plans with his boys to come spend time with you please know that this man is serious and is heading towards a long-term commitment with you. This is everything and I believe when he starts to put you before anyone else especially his boys there is definitely a deep love and that just means that he loves you enough to give you every minute of his available time. However if a man does the opposite of this and cancels plans with you to be with his boys or is always bringing his boys around even when it’s your time then know that this man still has peter pan syndrome and is not ready for serious long-term relationship he is still living this stage in life where he does not know how to be in a committed relationship.


Living together

If he mentions or talks about you and him living together or mentions any sort of arrangement of cohabitation then he is serious and does see a future for the relationship.

Emotions and feelings

He opens up about his concerns worries and things that bother him. He confides in you and talks about his problems and issues. This is a clear sign that he loves you enough and knows that you are there for him. He leans on you emotionally like a husband does with a wife and this is a clear indication that there is a future and he takes the relationship serious enough to be sharing with you deep emotional concerns and personal feelings.

The social circle

He invites you to all his social events and includes you in discussions. He introduces you as his significant other. If this is not happening and when he sees someone he says for example ” This is Viki” Beleive you me that should be a red flag. He should introduce you as his “Girlfriend Viki” not Viki. If your man is not introducing you as his significant other then he is not ready to put the relationship out there and therefore not ready to move forward towards a long-term relationship.


The Marriage Talk

When people bring up Marriage he doesn’t have a disgusted scared face but contributes to the conversation in a positive manner. If he acts like its the most frightening thing in the world maybe your man does not see marriage in his future and its probably time to have that discussion of “where do you see this relationship going ” so that you don’t waste your time with someone that doesn’t want the same things in life as you.


Difficult times

If he is there for you and supports you through hard times or issues that you might run into then he his committed and cares and thinks of your relationship as a “team” kind of like my problems are your problems. If he goes MIA then know that he’s not that serious about the relationship and you shouldn’t count on him for support. What he should be doing is standing by your side comforting you and making you feel like everything will be okay and using words like “will get through this “. If he is doing all this know that there is defiantly a future and you have his unconditional support.



He mentions marriage and talks about you and him being married one day. Once a man starts talking about the future and including you in it just know that your relationship is heading in the right direction towards the Marriage finish line.















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