Most Highly Rated Beauty Boxes Of 2018

I have been debating back and forth about which beauty box subscription I should get. Every single friend of mine swears by a different box and I was truly confused and afraid to make the wrong decision. I set out on a hunt for the best reviewed and best products that are found in beauty boxes and have come to a decision regarding the best 4 beauty boxes found on the market today. Today I will review for you why these are highly rated beauty boxes and why you shouldn’t go wrong with choosing one of them. These 4 boxes all provide great products and fit every budget.

For just $ 10 a month with Birchbox you receive 5 samples that are based on your skin and hair type. Products are all high-end samples.  The nice thing about Birchbox is that it’s not only a beauty box just for women it’s also available for men as well.

Birchbox has an estimated value of $40 worth of products per month. People Generally only complain that some of the samples are too small compared to samples in other beauty box subscriptions.






Glassybox is one of the more expensive beauty box subscriptions. It’s $21 a month. You receive 5 full-size samples and within those samples, you are guaranteed to receive 2 color cosmetics. Samples include brands such as Tarte, Korres, Vichey , Sisley, and Benefit. This beauty box has great Reviews. Customers claim that they receive high-end products in reasonable above average sample sizes.










Sephora Glam Bag is what I would pick. Just because it is $10 and you are guaranteed to get Sephora products which are generally on the high end. Their beauty box has a drawstring pouch that carries all your samples. Every month the design of the pouch changes.

The box has a value of $ 30. They also send you a card outlining the products and in that card is 50 extra beauty points. If you are used to Sephora I would recommend this pouch because it will have the latest product samples and will benefit you if you shop there.










IPSY Glam Bag is unique because every month you get a uniquely designed makeup pouch. They send 5 products based on you a beauty quiz you take and a profile you build. Products are full-size samples.  This beauty box subscription is only $10 a month.

They do send a combination of High end and lower end cosmetics. Shipping is only to Canada and US. The beauty box value is around $ 45. They do not send the same products to all there customers products vary from person to person.

IPSY has mixed reviews some people love what they receive and some people claim they were not happy with the quality of products, but the majority loves IPSY and they continue to enjoy there monthly surprise bags,










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