The Way To Keep Your Marriage Hot.


Routine is a Marriage killer. In order to keep your marriage hot and alive, you have to make sure we keep breaking those routine cycles. In this article, I will provide you with key tips on what you should be doing and what you should not in order to keep your marriage alive healthy and relevant.


I believe that this is an ultimate and necessary pillar in a marriage. Sex is a factor not to be ignored. A healthy sex life will bring happiness and content not to mention it will keep infidelity far away from your partner’s thoughts. There are several things we must do in order to keep our sex life interesting.

  • keep your bedroom inviting and romantic. place candles all around and always have that massage oil on hand. Massages are a great way to initiate the lovemaking. For example, your partner comes home tired and not in the mood. Offer a massage, light up those candles for the ultimate relaxation put on that silk little nightgown and give them a message and I guarantee you that sex will be the next thing to come.
  • Some of us females always think that it’s the man’s job to initiate sex. And when he comes home and doesn’t we sit and wonder why isn’t he coming near us. Well, Ladies for those of you that have this mentality I hope you realize how wrong it is to expect this.  Just like you have these thoughts so does your man, he wants to feel wanted as well and wonders why you never come over to his side and initiate. It’s just as much as responsibility for you as it is for your partner.
  • Don’t ask or Plan sex, always make it a spontaneous and unexpected. Once you start trying to fit sex into your schedule your turning your marriage into a routine. Keep things spiced up with the different position and places. Sex doesn’t always have to be in the bedroom. Don’t be scared to tell your partner what you like and what you want. If they love you they will do almost anything to make sure they are pleasing you and vice versa. Once you start saying what you want,  it will make your partner comfortable enough to tell you what they want. This way of communication will enhance your marriage and sex life. This way you both will be content that you’re getting everything in one place.
  • Aim to have sex at least 3 times a week and even if you’re tired make it happen anyway. Summon that energy and go for it. Once you start putting of sex it will be once a week then once every 2 weeks then less and less and that will not have a positive outcome on your marriage, and your partner might just go look for that satisfaction somewhere else. Stay on top of your game ladies and gentlemen.

Pick your battles

I find that couples sometimes will argue about silly little things. Sometimes those small issues will become big issues that are just irrelevant and can cause friction in the marriage. Nagging and arguing are a marriage killer. Once we start nagging constantly about petty small issues it kind of wears our partner down and they just become sick of the whole marriage and start avoiding coming home to these constant situations. When I say small issues I mean like “oh you didn’t take out the trash again ” and from there we start a full blown out fight. In order to avoid a situation like that you should approach it by ” Babe, I think you forgot the trash today ” leave it at that. Use your words wisely. Don’t put your partner down by being like ” Your so lazy you never get anything done “etc. This approach will open a lot of bad doors that will only lead to couples putting each other down and it will bring resentment and unhappiness to the marriage. We must learn to let things go and not argue about every little thing.

Dressing Up

Just because you’re married now doesn’t mean you stop trying to look good and maintain yourself. Stay far away from jogging pants. I mean they’re great once in a while but not every day. Put on yoga pants instead. Those hip-hugging, butt accentuation yoga pants can be very flattering and attractive instead of the baggy jogging pants. Throw away that baggy t-shirt and put on more fitted tops instead. Show off that figure whether you are small or curvy there are flattering outfits for all sizes.

Keep your heels on. When you go out for that date night you have planned, stay away from those flats and throw on some sexy heels that will do wonders for your figure not to mention heels are a huge turn on for men and will give you that next level sex appeal.

Keep your hair styled. Don’t be that girl that doesn’t comb her hair for days and has it in a bun. The point is maintaining looking like you did when he first met you and fell in love. Don’t get comfortable and think its ok he will love you regardless of whether your hair is combed or your legs are shaved. Let me tell you most men do care and want their women to stay on top of her A game.


The happy weigh or should I say the comforting weight. Most couples are guilty of this. They get married and put on the pounds. I believe that we must stay in shape and on top of our health. I don’t think a beer belly or fat rolls on your stomach are flattering or sexy. Thick is sexy and so are curves as long as there toned and proportioned in a way that you don’t look like your 7 months pregnant. Fitness routines can bring a couple closer when they’re done together. Jog, walk and lift weights together and it will enhance the friendship part of the marriage.


Follow these tips and I am sure you will have a healthy sexy marriage with lots of great sex and happiness.



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