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How Healthy Is The Kito And Boiled Egg diet ?

Is a fad diet healthy?

Fad diets have become extremely popular choice amongst individuals that want to lose weight quickly. The problem with many top fad diets today is that they cannot actively produce long-term results. As most personal trainers and fitness experts would suggest, a long-term commitment to eating healthy and exercising is really the only effective way of cutting weight and keeping it off.

Quick and easy results are certainly possible through the claims in fad diets. The problem with following some of these instructions is that participants often find themselves malnourished which can cause them to rapidly lose weight but then immediately put it back on again when they return to their normal eating habits. If a diets recommendations seem extreme or you find yourself extremely low on energy to the point where activity seems impossible, you could be on an unhealthy diet.

If a fad diet involves what is known to be crash dieting or an intensive reduction in drinking and eating, it can often lead to a large number of negative health effects to the person that is participating in them. While there are a fair amount of scam diets that can deliver these fast but nonpermanent results, there are also a few fad diets that have become quite widespread and proven to be quite healthy to enjoy over time. Below we will compare two of the newest Fad diets to see the health benefits of each and if they can be considered a long-term option for a balanced meal plan:

The boiled Egg Diet:

The boiled egg diet is an extremely low carbohydrate and low-calorie diet that’s designed to help boost muscle while lowering weight. For the most part, the diet consists of smaller portions of lean protein like fish, turkey, chicken and boiled eggs and leafy greens like spinach. Certain extreme versions of the boiled egg diet involve participants having an egg and half of the grapefruit with every meal. A typical day for a meal might be to boiled eggs and half a grapefruit for breakfast, half a roast chicken breast broccoli and grapefruit for lunch and then one serving of fish and half a grapefruit for dinner.

This extreme version of the boiled egg diet would certainly help you lose weight but with the number of calories consumed here and the lack of diversity in foods consumed, it wouldn’t take long for someone to start experiencing the symptoms of malnutrition. The boiled egg diet is simply not a long-term dietary choice because it can cause severe health problems if it is carried on over the long term. The Boiled egg diet is largely considered to be a crash diet or one of the unhealthy fad diets.

The Keto Diet:

The Keto diet is another diet that has been labeled as a fad but what it offers is a long-term solution for weight loss and sustained results. Under the Ketogenic diet, a person can lower their intake of carbs to cause the body to enter into a better metabolic state. Rather than starving the body of calories a different type of balanced diet is introduced to starve the body of carbohydrates. Over the course of a 30-day diet metabolism can be completely adjusted. In the early stages of your diet it is possible to feel a bit weak as your body continues to adjust but with the balance foods that you can continue eating on ketogenic, this is a diet that is sustainable.

Even the results from the Keto diet can be maintained over time it is important to remember that as soon as you start eating carbs again, and diverging from the diet, it’s likely that you’re going to start putting weight back on unless you supplement more exercise to make up for the new intake of carbohydrates. Is this adjustment in diet and the difficulty of sticking with the same diet plan that often causes many Keto participants to fail.

Overall, Fad diets can be challenging but they can help you succeed with weight loss. The problem with these diets, however, is that they often are not able to produce sustainable results over time unless there is a system for you to commit and stay on the diet plan without any ill health effects.


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