The difference between drugstore makeup and high end makeup

What is the difference between drugstore makeup and high-end makeup?

When we look at designer makeup many people find it difficult to understand why some of the top brands command price points of hundreds of dollars just for cosmetics. With many of the same shades and similar products that can be found in drugstores, it isn’t always easy to see the difference between high-quality designer brand makeup and the one that you could find at your corner pharmacist. In this article we will examine some of the differences in quality between brand-name designer and mass-produced drugstore brands:

The raw ingredients: the raw ingredients in drugstore brands are usually designed for a mass-produced product. Usually, the quality of ingredients in a designer brand is much more refined and this leads to a product that can often last a lot longer with fewer chances of creasing and a far gentler experience with skincare. If you find that you generally breakout from wearing makeup or see rashes, high-end makeup could be a better decision for your skin.

Improved pigments: drugstore makeup typically cannot produce the same vibrant look in the pigments that are used for makeup. This often means that you end up having to use a little bit more makeup or you can never quite find a pigment that matches your skin exactly. Designer brands often carry far more pigments to match your skin and more vibrant pigments that can last longer with your look.

What should you buy in designer and what is best to save on?

Powder, Foundation, concealer, and brushes are best trusted to designer brands. They simply last longer and these items can be far less irritating to the skin.

Mascara, Lipgloss, Nail polish and trend highlights are all best purchased from a drugstore instead. If a particular color is in is always a chance that he could be out by next season leaving you with makeup that will just go bad. Lip gloss and nail polish often have the same formula at any price point and mascara needs to be replaced every three months so the best value is always the drugstore brand.

Keep some of these top ideas in mind for your makeup in the future.


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