The Best Way To Remove Facial Hair

Finding the best way to remove facial hair can be a tedious task. Facial hair can be a nightmare if not removed the right way. There is a lot of products and services offered to deal with this annoying problem. But often we sit and ask our friends or search the internet for the best ways.

Every Girl or Guy has a different skin type and tone. What might work for one skin type will not work for another. When working with our face we must use caution so that we don’t end up with a bigger problem. There are several ways to deal with facial hair, some are good and some are bad and can have consequences when it comes to regrowth.

I have personally tried a few methods and have come to the conclusion that one method beats all. I don’t have lots of hair on my face but I do have Peach fuzz and it tends to get very annoying when applying makeup. My rule of thumb if I can see it everyone will see it. Call me paranoid but I don’t want to be known as that girl with the stash. 

I have tried Lazer, Nair, Wax and now Threading. When I started laser I was told that I had the ideal skin type for laser and it should work wonderfully on my face.After 10 sessions I noticed that there was no progress and I was still getting regrowth. I spent $100 every 2 months to have this done to end up with no result. After talking to a couple friends they also told me that they were also having the same outcome as me. Apparently, the laser doesn’t have the best results on the face as you would have on the body.

I once had a party and noticed my upper lip had to be done so I tried Nair. I placed the cream on my upper lip for 5 minutes and removed it only to have red blotches on my skin and a burning feeling, I guess putting something with that kind of chemical wasn’t the smartest idea and I reacted badly. The next day I ended up with what looked like blisters on my upper lip.

Then came the waxing I wanted to wax above my brow area, and the next day my face broke out into pimples. I kind of knew that situation might happen because I notice that when my friends got there faces waxed they would always break out right after. I also don’t like the idea of having my face waxed. The fact that your skin is being pulled you are speeding up your aging process. there is no way that waxing can be good for the elasticity of your skin.

I have seen many people that say that you should shave your face online. I strongly disagree with that statement. I don’t think any girl should ever shave her face. our hair type differs and if one girl has barely any hair on her face and decides to shave it so that it can “remove the dead skin cells off ” so that her makeup can look better, that doesn’t mean every girl should do it. You are taking the risk of having bad regrowth like dark coarse hair or thick and long . Once you shave your face you will be doing it very frequently like every other day. I personally wouldn’t want to stand next to my husband every morning and shave besides him.

I have been threading my face now for about 1 year and I have experienced great results even though not permanent but the hair comes back out soft and does not increase. Threading can be expensive if you don’t know how to do it. However, there are now threading machines which you can purchase online and some are no more than $40 and you can do it yourself at home. I got the machine and I am so happy with it. It takes me about 5 minutes to do and I do this every 3 – 4 weeks.

I believe that threading is the best option when it comes to hair removal and I strongly urge girls to not shave there face or ever come close to a razor.


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