Best Makeup At The Drugstore

Makeup at the Drugstore

As much as I love My high-end Makeup I also have a love for some of my favorite Makeup at the drugstore. I always find that when It comes to Makeup and beauty needs there is a 2 tier system. The High-end like Chanel and Dior cosmetics or The Drugstore like L’Oreal and Maybelline. The price gap is fairly big and for those of us who have responsibilities filling up our Sephora basket seems unrealistic every month.

I don’t know about you but growing up I started off with the products at my local Shoppers Drug Mart.  As a university student working on a very low salary, I never thought of going and buying an eyeshadow palette that was over $20. My Limited wage job wouldn’t cover nearly a fraction of the expensive makeup habit that I now have. This new generation has changed the game. If you walk into a Sephora now you will see girls of all ages.

There is nothing wrong with Drugstore cosmetics, in fact, I still use some today I will share with you all my favorite products that I use and find equally as good as High-end products.

People claim that Drugstore Makeup is not made of the same quality ingredients and will not look as good as High- end makeup. I have found that there is a lot of High-end overpriced makeup that does not do what it is supposed to do and looks awful on.

These products have all gotten great reviews and look and feel great on. They are all affordable and fit any budget.





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