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Replica Makeup & The Damage It Can Cause To Your Skin

Replica Makeup Danger

The makeup and cosmetics market is now hotter than ever before. With a number of stores like Sephora selling premium makeup and a growing number of A-list celebrities endorsing it, many people are looking to get their hands on the latest in designer cosmetics. With such a demand for these products, replica makeup and counterfeit cosmetics are becoming a big business around the world.

The largest problem with replica makeup is that it can be vastly untested. Even if the packaging looks quite similar to a designer brand, it often does not contain the same high-quality ingredients or rigorous testing that can produce similar results. Bargain hunters certainly need to beware especially if they are used to experiencing the full results of the test a designer product.
Counterfeit cosmetics can even go one step further to damage skin with the types of dangerous products that can be used in their formation. Some types of counterfeit cosmetics have been tested with researchers discovering arsenic in a number of other toxic chemicals that normally would be kept off of store shelves.

Many of the top counterfeit cosmetics coming out of China contain items like rat droppings, lead, mercury, cyanide and more. While it is possible to get replica products from major cosmetic brands like urban decay many of these products can actually cause damage to the skin over time and potentially even toxic effects if they are regularly used.
Branded makeup goes to rigorous quality testing and even if you feel as though you are getting a great deal on replica makeup, every time that you apply to your skin you could be taking a risk. Opting for quality brands that come from proven manufacturers is a much safer option for your future cosmetics needs.
















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