Avoid These Foods To Avoid Bloating

Bloating is a problem that we all run into. I often have to avoid foods so that I don’t bloat and look like I’m suddenly 3 months pregnant. When you have an event and need to wear that little black dress, avoid these foods to avoid bloating.


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The Cruciferous vegetables are ones to avoid when there is an event in your horizon. Broccoli, Cabbage, and  Kale. Eating these veggies will lead to extreme bloating and discomfort even gas in some people depending on the body type. Although they are great to eat and contain many nutrients and benefits they definitely have their downside.  Kale specifically is the worst when it comes to digestion. It is suggested that you steam these veggies instead of eating them raw. When you steam these veggies it softens the fiber and will make it easier for digestion.




Canned foods

Canned foods are great when you are coming home from work and don’t feel like standing over a stove for another hour. They do however have a downside and that is the amount of sodium and preservatives that are put in them. When we consume high amounts of salt it causes water retention and bloating. In this case, beauty is a pain. you are just gonna have to make that bowl of soup from scratch.

Dried Fruit 

Although they are delicious and we love them in our oatmeal in the morning. It’s best that they are avoided. Dried fruit is filled with fiber and not everyone can tolerate it. People whose body doesn’t break down natural sugars will have a very hard time consuming these, Dried fruits make you extremely gassy and bloated. So choose fresh fruit with your oatmeal in the morning and avoid discomfort.





Artifical Sweeteners

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If you love your diet soft drinks, guess what now you know why you bloat almost immediately after drinking them. Diet pop is filled with artificial sweeteners and bloating is just one of the many negative things sweeteners cause. In this case, its better to just consume foods and drink that contain natural sugars instead of sweeteners,









Fizzy Sparkling water

Although quite pleasing to drink. It’s best you stick to your regular mineral water. Fizzy water /Carbonated water will cause a buildup of air which ends up in your colon which will bring on the bloating.

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Apples, Strawberries, prunes, blueberries, and cherries although delicious to consume can cause bloating. These fruits are high in soluble fiber and have tons of sugar in them. Because they are high in fiber it also adds to the gas and bloating. So when you want that apple peel it and it will lessen the discomfort of gas and bloat.


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