How to Keep your skin moisturized During The winter

Photo by Emanuel Hahn on Unsplash

The cold weather really affects our skin.It dries it up and makes it look chapped scaly. In severe cases the skin can get so dry it will crack and bleed. In order to avoid their kind of situations, we must follow a few rules to keep our skin hydrated and moisturized during the winter.


Drinking water is your best friend in winter. We often go for that hot tea and the warm drink.  Water is like no other and those warm drinks do not count as your H2O intake. Drink plenty of water and add some lemon slices to your bottle. Lemons help with your glow and will make your skin radiant.

Eat your vegetables

It’s important that we consume vegetables all the time to maintain optimal health. During the winter season, It is extremely important to make sure was having several servings of veggies throughout your day. Vegetables contain water which helps with hydration and adds to your required H20 intake to keep your skin glowing. I would also suggest including flaxseed in your diet. Flaxseed has a lot of benefits for the skin and will help maintain its radiance and glow.


Avoid hot showers. 

The biggest mistake we often make is taking that steamy scalding hot shower. I know sometimes when I come inside from that -25 degrees weather all I want to do is take a hot shower to warm up. That can be our biggest mistake. By taking those hot showers we dry up our skin and strip it of its natural oils. Lukewarm showers are recommended in frigid cold weather.


I can not stress how important it is for us to moisturize during winter. Moisturizing should be added to your morning and night routines. You should be moisturizing from top to bottom. When picking a moisturizer it is important that you read the ingredients and avoid all moisturizers with petroleum. IIt is best that we pick oil-based moisturizers that contain natural ingredients.


Exfoliation is very important. Exfoliation will get rid off all the dead skin cells and dry tissue. There are many masks that will exfoliate your skin. You can also buy body washes that exfoliate while in the shower.  One mask that I recommend for the face is the Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask. I love this mask for many reasons but mainly for its ingredients. It contains apricot kernel oil and avocado.  My other favorite product is the L’Occtaine Verbena Body Salt Scrub. This will make your skin so soft you might not think its actually yours. It moisturizes and peels away all those dead skin cells for that ultimate smoothness.

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