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The pros and cons of a blended family and becoming a stepparent:

If you are advancing in a relationship where a partner has kids or you both already have kids it could be a good idea to consider weighing some of the pros and cons of starting a blended family. Becoming a stepparent can be an extremely rewarding task for anyone that is willing to take it on. It does remain important to consider the relationships from every perspective before making a commitment, however. Here are some of the pros and cons of blended families and becoming a stepparent:

The Pros:

Economic support: Working together to raise your family or a few kids with some extra economic support can make everything easier. Getting into a blended family means finally having two sources of income so that everyone can have a little more of a comfortable life.
Benefits of happiness: If you are happy with a new partner this can often lead to the same happiness in your children. If a home is tense and filled with anger, kids can often act out. In a home where parents are happy and grounded, kids can often feel less stress.

Extra role models: Having a blended family and an extra stepparent can mean kids can have a better-rounded upbringing and a different perspective in handling various issues as they grow up.
Learning new things: Having new people in your life to learn from, new perspectives and new cultures can all lead to a better experience for children and for individuals learning from one another. Kids can learn new perspectives in dealing with issues, celebrate new cultures and more.

The Cons:

Jealousy and confusion for kids: Sometimes it’s difficult for children to adjust to having a new family member or the constant presence of a new parent around. The time that a stepparent takes away from their current parent romantically can also lead to jealousy and acting out.
Problems with discipline: In some cases, kids will not listen to a stepparent or accept any type of consequence or discipline from a stepparent which can often lead to some intense arguments.

Insecurity: Blending a family together can lead to some insecurity. If the last relationship the person was in ended with divorce there could always be a nagging idea that they could leave. Especially depending on the circumstances of that divorce. Kids can often feel insecure about opening themselves up to a new parent especially after they have just spent time letting another parent go in a separation.

A consequence of moving in or creating a blended family can often generate some ill feelings with previous spouses or partners and in some cases with their kids. Building a harmonious relationship and a blended family takes work and often it means working through some tense or ill feelings.

These are just a few of the potential pros and cons that can come up when starting a blended family or when beginning the process of becoming a stepparent. Make sure that you consider this from all angles as you are working into a new relationship where a person has children or where you both have children.

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