What are Face Highlighters ?

Face Highlighters are one of the biggest trends in makeup right now. They work primarily to produce the dewy look that many stars are known for including Kim Kardashian. There are many different brands of face highlighters that are currently available today including options from YSL, the Kardashian makeup line, and Huda Beauty. Many of these face Highlighters can create dramatic looks which can be intense for a night of clubbing whereas others are designed more primarily to give a natural lift. In this article, we will review some of the top choices and discover how you can use face highlighters to maximize your look every day. Here is a look at some of my Favourite Highlighters.

  • Kim Kardashian Face Highlighters: the KKW beauty brand of face highlighters comes with a cream and contour brush that can all be delivered with a highlight stick. The crème and contour line is made for a more natural look whereas the powder contour
    Crème Contour & Highlight Kit

    and highlighter kit is a softer and more dramatic look






Powder Contour & Highlight Kit











YSL Face Highlighters: Touché us one of the simple highlighters available from Yves Saint Laurent. It is designed as a fairly simple Solution for natural Lighter skin tone and a light glow . There are some more striking additions from YSL such as the radiance perfecting pen that can deliver some striking lines.

Touché Éclat Glow Shot Highlighter
Touché Éclat Radiance Perfecting Pen


Huda Beauty Face Highlighters: Huda Beauty highlighters are designed more for a striking approach.  Most or their finishes are available under the 3-D highlighter pallet which contains shimmering effects to go along with the highlighter. The lighter pink sand edition is designed for a slightly understated look but most of these can produce a look that is far more dramatic than some of the competitors,

Hudabeauty Highlighter pallets

Urban Decay Face Highlighters: For some of the best shimmering looks from any type of highlighter, the naked line of illuminated shimmering powder can produce a radiant look. Urban Decay is known for producing some very bright and iridescent style highlighters that are perfect for making an impact as you head out on the town.

Naked Flush
After Glow


As you can see there can be some real variance from brand to brand with the types of face highlighters available today. Be sure to try out a few different products to find the right highlighter for your look.


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