Are lip Injections Sexy ?

Overdone lip injections

As I scroll through My Instagram feed I notice every other girl with massive lips. Lip injections are the biggest trend. 1 out of every 5 girls on Instagram will have them done. I wondered about some of them. Why would you want such exaggerated and overdone ridiculous looking lips? Why do we always feel like more is better? I decided to ask my Facebook feed for some feedback.

Do you guys think that lip injections are sexy?  

Most females answered “YES”. They stated that it was fine if they weren’t overdone. Out of all the males, only one answered that “it was up to her ” and who are we to judge. Every other male was adamant that it was not attractive and none of them found it sexy to have a “duck face pout”.

I will leave you now with some of the comments left to this question. 

“Having cosmetic surgery like injecting your lips or “enhancing” your breasts without a medical reason is to be a sign of insecurity and superficial thinking, and that is anything but attractive. Not to mention that the results are often really not attractive at all. It looks unnatural, proportions are all wrong and so on.”

” Mostly no, but there have got to be some men out there who do like it.
There’s a big trend going on lately of women getting injections for lips and buttocks – mainly seeming to have been started by a certain buxom celebrity whose initials are one K short of a hate group.
It’s stupid. I get breast implants – men are attracted to breasts. But the rest of it is just stupid. It makes me cringe to see women engaged in this kind of pissing contest with each other, mostly for the attention of a handful of men who certainly aren’t worth it.”


” I prefer natural beauty over enhanced. As natural beauty, she will either feel confident in her beauty or live and learn to deal with her insecurities. Enhanced beauty, you’re guaranteed to have that boost of confidence and if she invested in that enhancement you’re guaranteed to have someone who always tries to look their best “.




    • pop_chiri

      you are so right and that’s the response I got from most men . however the girls responded that they think it is. I guess its a boost to there self-confidence.

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