Coconut oil and how it should be applied .

Is it for your hair type.
Coconut oil is not for everyone.We all respond differently to products.Making sure it works for you is a must before making it your weekly ritual. Some people actually experience hair loss after applying it. There are several factors that will cause this reaction, for example, if you are the person who has low protein this factor will cause the oil to work against you and not for you.

Are you applying Coconut oil correctly?
when applying the coconut oil make sure that you are not touching the roots of the hair with it. Once the oil comes on the scalp it will cause your pores to clog up .Use little amounts when applying. You don’t need to soak up your hair with it.
Using it alone is fine but I find if you add some honey or plain yogurt to it, it works a lot better and can be used as a treatment.


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