Seal the deal With finishing powders

 Translucent finishing powders

I love nothing more then a flawless end looks to my makeup. Finishing powders make your skin look like it was airbrushed. they have other benefits like making your makeup last longer.There are many brands out there that offer the finishing powders or translucent powders. You can buy some from many different companies in all different price categories.

My Favourite Finishing powders

The first one I ever started out with was the Estee Lauder perfecting loose powder. It is perfect if you have oily skin. It will soak up that unwanted shine and give you a flawless look. It reduces the signs of any lines as well. Laura Mercier loose powder is very popular as well. Most makeup artists tend to lean towards it more.I t has a lot less color to it, making it more translucent than the  Estee Lauder. Clients find it shows the color of there foundation off a lot more. A very similar product I use is the Kat Von D Lock it. From personal experience I find it lasts the longest without bringing back that shine. You can get a full day with your makeup on and look like you just had it done. All three are great products it just depends on your personal preference and what you want it to do for you. 

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