The Best Hair Treatments and Masks .

I have tried Many hair treatments. I have chosen the best ones that have shown me results. These treatments have brought back my hair from a fragile dull state to shiny healthy looking hair and even encouraged hair growth.

Amika triple mask is a wonderful line that has really helped me personally with my bleached hair I use the mask 2 times a week. and let me tell you with my hair as it is right now bleached completely blond, this mask turns my hair into silk not to mention smells absolutely incredible. It can be used on all hair types not specifically just for bleached hair, It is a very heavy intense treatment that will show you a difference from the first application.

Amika Hair oil treatment I use the product after every shower on my towel dried hair. It continues the work of the mask. I apply it to my ends avoiding the scalp because we shouldn’t put any kind of oil on the scalp as it clogs the pores. The oil not only softens the ends but it also works wonderfully when you’re about to get a blowout.



Moroccanoil Mask. I used this product for many years and let me tell you that its one of the best repairs on the market If you fried your hair or are having problems maintaining it or have coarse hair even I strongly recommend this product, It’s a heavy mask.  If you have thin hair I wouldn’t really think its for you because it is extremely nourishing and can make your hair turn greasy quickly and even weigh it down. but if you have wiry thick coarse hair this is defiantly for you.

The Moroccanoil  oil treatment 

This is a beautiful product that also has a very nice intense capturing smell to it. Its great on damp hair right after the shower before you comb out, I find it detangles and not only that, it helps the hair dry faster when applied. My stylist is religious to Moroccanoil products and has had me on them for years. I defiantly always have them as a staple in my bathroom it’s even great after a blow out with a little on the ends to get rid of those little flying hairs and give it that silky look that we all want.You can also use it on your skin however its a bit pricey and I don’t know if you want to be used as a moisturizer unless you have $$$ to splurge lol.





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  • Jessy

    Nice work Rasha, these products are all great, they do a good job if applied properly. Another great product I would suggest is Ouai hair oil, this stuff is amazing , give it a try I think you will love it ❤️

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