Keeping those yellow tones out of your blonde strands..

Caring for those blonde strands

Now that you have your blonde strands its time to build back that hair shine and make it look like you were born with that blonde hair …righhhht lol !

First, invest in a very good blue shampoo that will keep the brass away and give you that nice blonde shade that you want. There are 2 shampoos that I use myself and absolutely swear by one is the Clairol Shimmering blue shampoo. this will do the trick and it is not that expensive also a smart investment for those blonde locks because we all know they don’t come cheap. 

The Second shampoo I recommend is Fanola No Yellow Shampoo. This is a strong blue shampoo it almost works exactly like a toner and really lifts that yellow nasty color we all don’t want. It’s defiantly more expensive than the Clairol but a lot more effective for people who have more yellow tones than normal. How often should blue shampoo be used?

They are both professional products and I’m sure you won’t find them on your pharmacy shelves however they can be bought by a professional stylist and on Amazon.

The only thing I would warn you about when using blue shampoo is that you don’t overdo it.It should be used no more than twice a week because you risk turning the blonde into a light blue.

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