How to go From Black hair to blonde .


I dyed my hair black blue for almost 10 years. I decided it was time for a change. I wanted to go Blonde!!! .  My very patient stylist told me it can be done but it’s not an overnight process. I had healthy looking hair that was long and well below my bra line.  I wanted to do it right and not end up with a bob with a lot of damage. I read about Bond builders. Bond builder products are poured into the lightener and most chemical services. They protect the integrity of the hair while it’s processing. Bond builders prevent damage and don’t let whatever chemical process compromise the integrity of the hair. We Started of with a bond builder that didn’t really do it. The product I first started with still managed to leave it frail and not protect the integrity like it was supposed to. The Second lift I had done some research and told my stylist we have to Try OLAPLEX. It was an instant difference.


OLAPLEX allows you to lift to shades of blonde and yet still maintain your shiny healthy hair. I would say it cut my waiting time to get to the right shade of blonde by half. Everyone knows that you go through a lot of ugly color stages when lifting from black. The hair turns brown, orange, copper etc. OLAPLEX can also be used in your hair dye, toners even as a stand-alone treatment which is my personal favorite.


The OLAPLEX stand-alone treatment is a 2 step procedure that requires that you put the step 1 for 10 minutes or more on damp hair and then put the step 2 for 20 minutes or more. This is usually done in the salon. Olaplex is a  product made for professionals. This is the best treatment of life. Olaplex is the quickest restorative treatment option I have seen or tried on the market The hair can be bleached to the point where a brush cant goes through it even comb it, and this treatment will restore it. Olaplex will make the hair manageable again, and bring back its shine for that healthy look.


Don’t waste your time on all these bond builder products that came out after OLAPLEX.  In all honesty, you get what you pay for. They all do there own thing but they just don’t do what OLAPLEX does. Make sure that your stylist is using this product if you’re lightening your hair. Let’s face it nobody wants hair that looks fragile, wiry and frail with no shine. Amazon does sell some OLAPLEX products however some of them are replicated and not the actual product BEWARE!!!

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